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Have you seen the bear? Or the elk? How about the fireman in bronze? The colorful children on a balance beam? Do you know about the Public Art Program in the City of Westminster? Why not explore the city, find new places and be surprised by the variety of sculpture and murals throughout the community!

The City of Westminster's Public Art Program represents the evolution of public and private investment, consistently high development standards and the continual establishment of partnerships between the city and the development community - enhancing the overall experience of the built environment in Westminster.

More than 100 individual works of art contribute to the overall program, ranging from larger-than-life cast bronzes to kinetic "wind sculpture" and from brick-masonry murals to beautiful frescos. They punctuate spaces ranging from City Hall and other city facilities to commercial centers throughout Westminster. The intent of the program is not to simply embellish architecture, but to integrate art into the fabric of the overall community.

Public spaces, including parks, fire stations, libraries and City Hall, are commonly recognized as locations for public art, based on public ownership and accessibility. Funds from the city's hotel/motel tax-funded Community Enhancement Fund have been used for many of these installations.

Locations that might be a surprise include commercial shopping centers and office parks. Many private installations are driven by the city's requirement that commercial developments greater than 1 acre include public art, while others are voluntary. Residents and visitors alike may find themselves standing in the middle of a mosaic compass, posing to have their photo taken with a majestic elk or simply struck by a pod of dolphins leaping from a fountain. All of the program installations encourage awareness of, and interest in, public art.

Take advantage of this guide to the Public Art Program installations throughout Westminster. Take the time to find works of art in our community that you may have missed. Most of all, experience art, and the city, from a whole new perspective!

Map of Westminster's Public Art

Vicky Bunsen Sculpture Garden

2022-2023 Sculpture on Loan Program

2023-2024 Sculpture on Loan Program - Voting has now closed

Thank you for participating in the selection process for the City of Westminster's 2023-2024 Sculpture on Loan Program. The selected sculptures will be on display in the Vicky Bunsen Sculpture Garden beginning in mid-August. Once we have received public input on the entries, we will finalize the selections for the 2023-2024 Sculpture on Loan Program.

If you have questions, please contact Kate Cooke at

Artistic Traffic Box Wraps

In late 2022, City staff identified funding for the installation of fifteen artistic traffic box wraps. City staff established a partnership with Westminster Public Schools that resulted in the creation of vibrant works of art to be included in this project. The works of art that have been selected exhibit the skill and passion of these young, emerging artists who are all students of the Westminster Public School system. 

As the project with Westminster Public Schools was nearing completion, students from the 5th Grade class at Witt Elementary School asked to create an artistic traffic box wrap near their school as a way to remember Witt Elementary as it is being closed in 2023. This artwork was the result of a team of students working together to identify a theme that best represents their school and the legacy of their time at Witt Elementary. This artwork is also included in the document below.

Artistic Traffic Box Wraps - Final Selections 

Art Exhibitions at City Facilities

The City of Westminster may display selected works of local art at its facilities and libraries in order to create an appropriate, pleasant, thoughtful, and sophisticated atmosphere, consistent with the -values of the City and the messages the City wishes to convey. These displays of art may also have the positive effects of increasing the community’s appreciation of the arts and of supporting local artists by providing opportunities to exhibit their work.

Art Exhibition Policy and Application

Fuse Box Container Art Gallery

Coming soon to Downtown Westminster! The Fuse Box Container Art Gallery is being installed October 2023, and will soon be filled with beautiful art from rotating local artists, starting with work from the Paletteers Art Club! The Fuse Box is created from a specially designed shipping container, and once installed, art galleries will be viewable 24/7. Art classes and talks with artists will also be scheduled, so stay tuned for more details!